Boresight Telescope

Graflex offers three telescopes catagorized by magnification including 8X, 10X, and 12X. Each telescope is designed to best satisfy a specific purpose or application but also offer specific advantages. In general, the 8X telescope is best suited for guns below 14.5mm due to it’s low weight. The 10X was specifically designed for use on large cal adapters primarily to match the magnification of the related platform. The 12X provides the highest accuracy but due to its larger size (and weight) is best suited for gun tubes above 20mm. In any case, each of the three Graflex telescopes surpass all competitive units in terms of accuracy, resolution, and light passage. Finally, standard reticle include bulls-eye and graduated however custom reticles are provided upon request.

Stems & Adapters

Our specialists will review your system including the gun size and muzzle break dimensions and then make suggestions based on this information. The exact dimensional requirements are found within the diagram (links) below. The Stem and Adapter Charts provide dimensions in terms of muzzle brake clearance for our most common stems and adapters.

Over the years, Graflex has designed and manufactured stems and adapters for every concevable application. Exotic materials used in the design of special stems and adapters include carbon fiber and sintered carbide. Our long portfolio of custom systems and extensive design experience insures quick processing and very competitive pricing.

Close Focus Mechanism

When performing the collimation (or boresighting) process, the highest degree of accuracy is obtained when targeting at as long a distance as possible (normally 1500 meters). However, in some cases this is not possible nor practicle. Graflex offers both a permanent and a detachable close focus feature in the 12X and a detachable feature (only) in the 8X and 10X telescopes. Please refer to the Close Focus section for more details.

Video Assisted Boresighting

Video Assisted Boresighting is relatively new in terms of the industry and is best applied to very specific applications. A video boresight system lends to increased efficiency, safety, and the ability to collimate difficult to access gun tubes. The Boresight Camera may be applied to any Graflex Boresight Telescope, the Boresight Camera is provided in standard and special video formats, and the imagery sent to and received by our Control Box with LCD or to the customer’s LCD.