The use of a close focus mechanism should be strictly limited to applications where a reference target at long distance cannot be used during the collimation process. A good example would be a maritime application where the gun muzzle is seaboard and must be swung to a target on board the vessel. While collimating, the reference target must be at a long a distance as possible (preferably greater than 800 meters) to insure maximum accuracy. With this being said, the use of a close focus mechanism should be avoided whenever possible. Graflex offers two close focus systems including fixed (12X telescope only) and Slip-On (8X, 10X, 12X telescopes). The close focus mechanisms are designed to minimize parallax normally associated with a focusing at close distances however the end-user must be keenly aware (parallax) to insure maximum accuracy. The Slip-On close focus mechanisms, part number CFM-8000 (8X telescope) or CFM-1012 (10X or 12X telescope), may be ordered at any time as an accessory. The adjustable focus (PN CFM-RAM) should be ordered as an option and is permanently integrated to our 12X telescope at the factory. The fixed mechanism provides focus down to 1.5 meters whereas the Slip-On mechanisms allow focus from 1.5 thru 5 meters.

BS Close Focus




The Integral Close Focus Mechanism is added at the factory and available only on the 12X Telescope.



BS Close Focus-2



Available for the 8X 10X, & 12X Telescopes, the Slip-On Close Focus Mechanism is easily applied and removed.