Welcome To Graflex, Inc.

Graflex Incorporated designs, develops, and manufactures products which are recognized worldwide as the most durable and highest performing available. Each and every item is built to exacting standards and able to withstand the harshest of environments without degradation throughout the life cycle. We not only design and build to world standards, we set the world standard.

Muzzle Boresight Systems Graflex Muzzle Boresight Systems are world renowned as the most accurate, durable, cost effective equipment available.  With sizes from 5.56mm – 155mm, 8X-10X-12X magnifications, our BCA video boresight attachment, custom interfaces, and accuracy to ± .02mils we can meet and exceed any of your boresighting requirements.
Motorized-Zoom-Lense Our complete line of Motorized Zoom Lenses meet and exceed the most demanding environmental requirements.  Our line-up includes compact sensors designed to work well within the most difficult size constraints to ultra long range visual day sights to 1550mm for any surveillance application. Our modular concept allows for quick modification to meet any interface, control, or environmental requirement.
Optics Outside of our motorized zoom lenses and muzzle boresight systems we also offer several Optic products meant to fit very specific applications and requirements. Our NITE☆TEL catadioptric lenses in 750mm and 1500mm (fixed) focal lengths provide very high resolution, NIR transmission, and a fast aperture.
Video Related In support of our optical systems we have developed and manufactures several video-related products meant to meet specific needs.  The DIS-III is a PCB packaged system which transforms most any motorized zoom lens into a digitally controlled device. The ZHS-II heater system includes a user or factory calibrated thermostat PCB and one, two, or three heater PCB’s to be mounted as desired to overcome low temperatures concerns. Our carbon fiber enclosures provide a protective environment for your large aperture surveillance sensor. Finally, our Boresight Compensation Devices are used to improve the boresight retention of our zoom lenses.
Pan and Tilt Systems Graflex offers several Pan & Tilts to fulfill your sensor positioning needs. Whether you require a simple workhorse as found in the PT40E or PT90E or the very high accuracy of the PT75 or PT150, we have a system to meet your requirement. All Pan & Tilts include a user friendly GUI and full factory support with added features including the PTC80 desk top controller.