The Graflex family of Pan & Tilt Positioners include a selection of payload capacities, positioning accuracy, slip-ring capacities, control features, and price points. Our PTE series provide “work horse” performance at a economical price level while our PT series provide precision accuracy but remain industry competitive in terms of cost.

All Graflex Pan & Tilt Positioners are manufactured in the USA of all domestic components. All feature metal gears, high slip-ring count, continuous azimuth and wide elevation limits, and brushed DC motors. Additional standard features include extreme durability, selectable control and communication standards, high MTBF, and zero maintenance designs.


Our PT series is offered in 75 and 150 pound payload capacities, resolution to .0004°, and pan velocity to 60 degrees/second. The PTE series is offered in 40 and 90 pound capacities, resolutions to .04°, and pan velocities up to 60 degrees/second. Optionally, the PTE series may be ordered with high torque motors for increased payload capacities and digital encoders for improved resolution. Finally, Graflex Pan & Tilt Positioners may be ordered with a number of semi-standard slip rings accomodating your special payload pass-thru requirements.


Graflex offers four methods for controlling your Pan & Tilt Positioner. Our powerful GUI is included with every Pan & Tilt allowing for complete control and set-up. In all Graflex Pan & Tilt Positioners, (up to 256) presets are stored at the Pan & Tilt head including 16 sequences and ramp-up speeds for all. Secondly, Graflex provides complete protocol data for those users who prefer to develop a control mechanism of their own. The PTC-80 Desktop Controller provides full control of your Graflex Pan & Tilt Positioner while the PTC-180 will additionally control up to two motorized zoom lenses. Our Desktop Controllers allow for azimuth and elevation positioning, directional speed, up to 16 presets, 2 sequences, and quick postion “zeroing”.

When considering a Graflex Pan & Tilt Positioner bear in mind our lightweight, extreme strength Carbon Fiber Enclosures. Graflex Carbon Fiber Enclosures offer notable weight reductions and with this, potentially the need for a lower capacity Pan & Tilt, a significant cost savings. Graflex Carbon Fiber Enclosures are offered in standard and custom sizes/shapes, satisfying most any application.