Outside of our motorized zoom lenses and muzzle boresight systems we also offer several Optic products meant to fit very specific applications and requirements. Our NITE☆TEL catadioptric fixed focal length lenses provide extreme resolution, NIR transmission, and a fast aperture. A complete line up of extenders including zooming motorized and fixed ratios transform any lens to meet your specific needs.

NITE☆TEL Catadioptric Fixed Focal Length Lens

The Graflex NITE☆TEL Catadioptric Fixed Focal Length Lens opens up a new dimension in day and low light level long range video surveillance and tracking applications. This compact, lightweight, rugged, nitrogen purged zoom lens is enclosed in a durable carbon fiber housing making it suitable for both mobile and stationary applications. The NITE☆TEL is a fast lens with a low light level appropriate aperture, very high MTF, and excellent transmission in the near IR. To be released late Spring of 2017.