Graflex boresight systems are designed to provide the ultimate in performance, reliability, and flexibility. A field adjustable reticle allows for an unmatched accuracy range as low as ± .02 mils and immediate compensation for worn gun tubes and all environmental factors. The large objective provides superior light passage and high resolution in the most undesirable overcast conditions; 8X, 10X, and 12X magnifications further enhance their capability and match most modern sighting systems. Nitrogen purged and sealed optical cells, aluminum and stainless steel construction, a mil specified and proven design, and years of trouble-free service support a claim to superior reliability and performance. The telescopes interface with small caliber adapters (thru 40mm) via the integral 5.56mm or 7.62mm stem while large caliber designs include a permanent telescope interface. Graflex adapters are mechanically perfect and inherently locate the exact mechanical centerline axis of even the most worn the gun tubes. The Graflex video boresight system (BCA) adds a new dimension in boresighting with patented approach unrivalled by the competition.

Muzzle Boresight Systems

Given our history in the boresight industry dating before 1960 we possess a long portfolio of mechanical interface design. We hold several patents for designs with great insight into the required characteristics to perform with the highest accuracy. Our long list of options further enhance our basic designs, and in a sense, custom tailor for your specific requirement as the lowest possible cost. We may also use non-standard or semi-exotic raw materials in the design and manufacture of adapters and stems increasing performance and accuracy; if there is even a slight possibility of increasing accuracy in any given application it is thoroughly investigated. We are very proud of our heritage and our place at the pinnacle of the boresight industry, we would be honored to build a system for you.