Graflex is proud to introduce two products meant to enhance our motorized zoom lens systems. The ZHS-II is a turn-key heater system in which the user may place up to three heater pads at positions along the zoom lens. The system includes a programmable thermostat, the heater pads, and a programmer board. The thermostat is programmed allowing the control of the heater pads with a maximum output of 15 watts each. Our newly enhanced digital control board, the DIS-III, controls the zoom, focus, and iris functions of any motorized zoom lens. Additionally, feedback from the position potentiometers are translated and sent digitally. The Lens may be controlled via the integral GUI or the user system using our protocol. Complete details are found on the DIS-III page and the ZHS page.
Graflex is proud to announce the release and production of our new our new PT75V2 75# capacity Sensor Positioner. The PT75 offers extreme accuracy and repeatability in a compact enclosure at an affordable price. Complete details can be found here....PT75V2 75#
Graflex has been working to complete the design and development of our new and very unique Catadioptric Fixed FL Lenses and ZME-1001 Motorized Zooming Extender. Under the current time line we will release these products within the 1st quarter of 2015. The Catadioptric Lenses will be available in 750mm f 4.3 and 1500mm 8.6 with MTF performance of approximately 70% at 50 lp/mm and 40% at 100 lp/mm. The ZME Extender has been optimized to the Catadioptric lenses providing a ratio of 1.1X thru 3.5X with superb transmission and light passage.
Graflex has recently updated our optical testing capability via the addition of a wide angle collimator integrated with Imatest Optical Test Software. The system provides the capability to test MTF, boresight retention, aperture, vignetting, distortion, focal length, flange focal length, depth of focus, and transmission.

Graflex is proud to announce the completion of our new BCA-1010-VG Viewing Gun and the additional of optional nitrogen fill and purging capability in our new BCA-1001-N Boresight Camera. The Graflex BCA-1010-VG Viewing Gun is a welcome addition to our BCA Boresight Camera Products offering the ability to view video in a handheld, (AA) battery powered, and very durable package. The heart of the BCA-1010-VG is found in the OLED High Resolution Color Display providing superior resolution, superb color rendition, and high contrast. The Viewing Gun is fully tested and qualified for maximum survivability in the harshest of environments. Please review our full line of BCA Video Boresight products here.