The Graflex DIS-III is our 3rd generation digital motorized zoom lens control system, it includes a user friendly GUI, complete protocol details, and a relatively small PCB. The DIS-III allows the user to control the zoom, focus, and iris functions of a previously analog component. We provide full protocol details allowing the customer to control the lens according to their requirements and not (necessarily) via the Graflex GUI. Position potentiometers may be “mated” to the FOV via a calibration process; the accuracy of “counts” provided by the position pots is limited to the accuracy of those potentiometers. The user may select “auto” iris or manual iris modes; manual iris mode allows the user to adjust the iris at any position via the GUI. The DIS-III holds distinct advantages over the previous generation system (DIS-II) in that the user can now control multiple sensors via the same GUI, provides for minimized voltage losses and latency, and is compatible with VISCA and PELCO D. The DIS-III also provides ETHERNET communication capability. We will also private label the DIS-III (and GUI) making it an integral part of the customer’s unique system. The DIS-III will interface with and control virtually any motorized zoom lens.


Voltage: GUI Adjustable to maximum input voltage with default at maximum input voltage.
Capacity: Up to 8 Lenses


Dimensions: 2.5” x 3.8” (add .3” for Ethernet Connector) x 0.75”

Protocol (Select via Dipswitch or GUI)

DIS-III: Default
Pelco D: Complies with standard command set for lens control and presets, positionfeedback available but not per specification.
VISCA: Limited implementation based upon standard Sony camera.
DIS-II: Complies with legacy protocol.


Port 1: 2 Dip Switches required to select RS-232, RS-422, RS-485
Port 2: Dedicated to Ethernet
Baud Rate: Default at 19200 (Selectable via GUI, 2.4K-19.2K)

Lens Control

Zoom: Variable up to Maximum Input Voltage
Iris: Auto or Manual (Selectable) Iris modes
Focus: Variable up to Maximum Input Voltage
Feedback: Potentiometers (Zoom & Focus)

Support Documents

DIS III Operators Manual REV B

DIS III GUI Manual Rev A

DIS III Interface Protocol Manual Rev A

59X DISIII Pinouts

9X 20XA DISIII Pinouts

20XB DISIII Pinouts

28X 30X 34X DISIIIP inouts

32XA 32XB DISIII Pinouts