Graflex CFE Carbon Fiber Enclosures offer the ultimate solution for protecting your sensors. Our enclosures are IP66 rated, nitrogen purgeable, and include climate control features as standard providing a dust and moisture free environment for sensors of any type, size, and shape.
Carbon Fiber Enclosures | Graflex Incorporated - Always on Target
At a fraction of the density of aluminum, carbon fiber is a clear choice where extreme strength and low weight are desired characteristics. Carbon fiber possesses a high resilience to, and will not deform, due to impact or punctures. Graflex Carbon Fiber Enclosures may be manufactured to any shape or size while aluminum components are added via a virtually indestructible mechanical epoxy bond process.

Enclosure Features
– Impervious to Corrosive Environments
– Optional Colors & Textures
– Thermostat Controlled
– High MTBF/Quality Components
– Universal Interior/Exterior Mount/Bolt Pattern
– Quick/Simple Sensor Install
– Nitrogen Filled & Purgeable via Valve

Advantages of Carbon Fiber Design
– Minimizes/Decreases Required Pan & Tilt Capacity
– Carbon Fiber = Extreme Low Thermal Conductivity
– Carbon Fiber 8X-10X Stronger Than Metallic

Our very popular and standard Graflex CFE8 enclosures were originally designed to house our large objective 59X and 63X zoom lenses. Since then, and to meet customer demand, we have added lengths to accommodate Fujinon (C55 & D60 series), Tokina (T55 series), and Cosmicar Pentax large objective zoom lenses. Our standard enclosures feature high quality coated windows, mil standard bulkhead connectors, purge/fill nitrogen valves, and corrosion resistant components. Universal mounting features, and a smart approach to cable management, allows for quick and easy internal and external installation. Refer to CFE8 Data Sheet for complete details.

Carbon Fiber Enclosures | Graflex Incorporated - Always on Target
Standard Electrical
– Voltage: 12 VDC (Standard), 24 VDC (Optional)
– Receptacle (Standard): PT02E-20-26P
– Receptacle (Optional): Up to 41 Pins
– Thermostat: Standard
– Heater (Standard): 80 Watts
– Fans (Standard): 18 CFM

Standard Mechanical
– Dimensions: Refer to Specific Data Sheets
– Internal Mount: Universal Slotted
– External Mount: 16 Each ¼-20 on 1” Centers