The Graflex PT75 is a very accurate mid-weight capacity sensor positioner. Taking design queues from our successful PT40E and PT150, the PT75 will provide many years of operation in the harshest of environments. Given the 75# capacity and high density slip rings this unit will carry and position reasonable loads and multiple sensors of all types. The extreme accuracy is appropriately used with long range surveillance sensors with very narrow FOV’s. A powerful GUI for controlling and setting all parameters is provided with each pan & tilt head. Graflex also provides all protocol details allowing the end user to control and set-up the PT75 via their unique systems.

Technical Specifications


Dimensions 9.5” (w) x 10.1” (h) x 8.8” (d)
Weight ~33 Lbs
Base Dimension 6.5” x 6.5”
Base Mounting 5.5” x 5.5” (.280” x 4)
Construction Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel
Color Painted & Stainless Steel
Payload Capacity 75 Lbs - Balanced
Drive Motors Brush DC Servo
Travel Range 360° Continuous in Azimuth
  270° Max in Elevation, Factory set to +/-90°
Holding Brake None
Tilt Limits Software (Azimuth), Software, Mech., Elec. (Tilt)
Backlash Negligible


Interface RS-422 or RS-232
Motor Controller Microprocessor based


Standard Pass-Thru TBD
  (Heater Line NOT Included in Above)
Optional Pass-Thru TBD
  (Heater Line NOT Included in Above)
Optional Ethernet  


Voltage 24Vdc (Nominal)
Power TBD
Heater Optional - Pre-wired


Travel Velocity 60°/Sec. to .005°/Sec.
Resolution .0055°
Repeatability .002°
Accuracy TBD
Payload Inertia ~ 2.17 ft-lb-sec2 (Az.),
  ~ 1.85 ft-lb-sec2 (Elev.)
Feedback 17 Bit Absolute Encoders
Torque (TBD) in-lb Continuous
  (TBD) in-lb Peak


Side Brackets 75 Pounds
Over the Top Bracket ± 30° 50 Pounds
  ± 45° 35 Pounds
  ± 60° 29 Pounds


Finish (Coating - Paint)
Payload Mount (Side or OTT)
Thermostat Controlled Heater

Environmental (MIL STD 810E) - Designed to Meet The following Specifications

Storage Temperature: -35° C Through +65° C
Transit Temperature: -35° C Through +65° C
Operating Temperature: -31.7° C Through +60° C
Humidity: 95% Humidity for 60 Hours
Salt Fog: 5% Sodium Chloride (Atomized Spray) Not Less Than 12 Hours
Dust & Wind: Sand/Dust Environment Typical of Dry Desert for NLT 60 Minutes
Vibration: Axial (Angular) Vibration of .1gRMA at 10-150 Hz
Shock: 10 G’s for 11 mSec at Each Axis