The Graflex family of Pan & Tilts include two distinct levels of accuracy and features. All are made in the USA featuring very high quality components, all metallic gears, and a powerful GUI. The PT40E and PT90E are the basic workhorses providing reasonable speed, accuracy, and adequate slip ring capacity. The PT75V2 and PT150 pan & tilts offer high accuracy and speed, significant slip ring capacity, and optional high density slip rings plus optional Ethernet signal capability. Additionally, any one of the pan & tilts include a user friendly and very powerful GUI used to operate the P&T and enter and save all parameter settings.  In any case, Graflex pan & tilts are well developed and used extensively in difficult environmental applications.

PT40E 40# Capacity Sensor Positioner

pt40e Our most popular pan and tilt, the PT40E is a basic yet very durable sensor positioner used where very high accuracy and velocity is not required. The PT40E provides a high MTBF in even the most severe environmental conditions at a very reasonable price. The PT40E is a no thrills model but quite capable of satisfying the basic needs of positioning, control, and reliability.

PT90E 90# Capacity Sensor Positioner

pt90e The PT90E is based on the PT40E with lower velocity but equally as accurate. As in the PT40E, the PT90E provides for a high MTBF regardless of the environmental conditions.  The standard unit includes a powerful GUI allowing the user to control, as well as, adjust and save all settings to best fit a particular application. Graflex provides all protocol data allowing the end user to operate the unit via their own system. 

PT75V2 75# Capacity Sensor Positioner

The PT75V2 is an extremely capable system in every sense of the word with a low (physical) size to capacity ratio.  The PT75V2 offers high velocity, repeatability, resolution, and ample pass thru connections to carry most any sensor type.

PT150 150# Capacity Sensor Positioner

pt150 The PT150 is a well developed design fielded in primarily military related and severe environmental applications. Of course, with a 150# capacity and high density slip rings it is a very capable sensor positioner capable of carrying heavy loads and multiple sensors of all types. Additionally, with extreme accuracy it is appropriately used with long range surveillance sensors of very narrow FOV’s. 

Brackets & Controllers

Pan and Tilt Brackets Graflex offers side or over the top brackets for each of our four Pan & Tilts. Regardless of the bracket type they may be used together or independent. Graflex is also able to quickly design and fabricate custom brackets to best fit your particular system. The user may operate any of the Pan & Tilts using our basic control software (includes a GUI), via the development of your own software based on our protocol data, or with the Graflex PTC-80 desk top controller.

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