The Graflex NITE☆TEL Catadioptric Fixed Focal Length Lenses open up a new dimension in day and low light level long range video surveillance and tracking applications. These compact, lightweight, rugged, nitrogen purged zoom lenses are enclosed in an aluminum housing making it suitable for both mobile and stationary applications.

The NITE☆TEL catadioptric FFL lens offers the following features:

  • High resolution, contrast, MTF, and transmission (visible through near IR) 
  • Provides long range low light level capability and ultra long range viewing during daylight conditions.
  • Motorized and optionally RS controlled ND filters for light attenuation (Standard = ND, Clear, and Visible Blocking)
  • Options include temperature and purge pressure feedback & control.
  • Aperture suitable for low light applications
  • Enclosure includes mechanical interface for mounting a “spotter” such as our 28X motorized zoom lens. 

Optics Catadioptric Fixed Focal Length Lens

F-stop 4.35 8.7
T-Stop 4.83 9.66
MTF See Graph here See Graph here
Transmission See Graph here See Graph here
Format 1" (16mm) 
Min. Focus Distance 30 Meters 
Free Aperture  172mm 
Filters (Motorized) ND1, ND2, ND3, Haze or as Specified
HFOV 1" Camera .978 Degrees .489 Degrees
HFOV 2/3" Camera .672 Degrees .336 Degrees
HFOV 1/2" Camera .488 Degrees .244 Degrees
HFOV 1/3" Camera .367 Degrees .183 Degrees
Communication  RS-232, RS-422, or Analog 
Voltage  12 Vdc 
Current TBD
Length Determined by Camera Chamber
Weight TBD