Boresight Camera General Description

The Graflex Boresight Camera and related equipment were designed to enhance the collimation process of any Graflex traditional mechanical-optical boresight system. The addition of video assisted components is designed to increase the ease by which the collimation is performed under very specific conditions, primarily where access to the gun tube is limited such as in a naval application or on an aerial platform.

The BCA-1001 Camera feeds imagery from any standard Graflex telescope to either the BCA-1002 Control Box or directly to the user’s Fire Control System. Conversely, power is fed to the BCA-1001 Camera from the BCA-1002 Control Box or directly from the user’s Fire Control System. The BCA-1001 requires a standard 12Vdc power source fed from the BCA-1002 Control Box or as desired. The BCA-1002 Control Box is a self-contained system including power and an auto switching viewing display. The BCA-1002 will operate for approximately 4 hours without external power or charging; the Control Box may also be fed 10-36VDC vehicle power or 100-240VAC. Required cables may be ordered to any length and with customer connectors specific to the end-user interface point. Our engineers will assist in configuring the system.

Boresight Camera Components

The basic construction of all components are impervious to corrosion and designed for a long life cycle in the harshest of conditions. The BCA-1001 Camera can be ordered as sealed or nitrogen filled and purgeable. The standard composite video may be replaced with any number of HD format cameras. The BCA-1002 Control Box includes an auto-switching LCD and enclosed within a durable, sealed case. Finally, all accessories such as cables and specialized tools are built to the highest standards using only MIL quality components.
BS BCA Rendering | Graflex Incorporated - Always on Target
BS BCA Closeup Rendering | Graflex Incorporated - Always on Target

Boresight Camera (BCA) System Characteristics

  • Lightweight and compact camera design minimizing droop and thus inaccuracy.
  • Eliminates parallax no matter the target distance.
  • Corrosion resistant components.
  • Control box 100% self-contained including battery power.

 BCA Item Format PN (Standard) Weight PN (Nitrogen Filled) Weight 
Camera  NTSC  BCA-1001-1  89 Gr  BCA-1001N-1  108 Gr 
Camera  EIA  BCA-1001-2  89 Gr  BCA-1001N-2  108 Gr 
Camera  PAL  BCA-1001-3  89 Gr  BCA-1001N-3  108 Gr 
Control Box  Auto-Adjust  BCA-1002-US  2.5 Kg     
Control Box  Auto-Adjust  BCA-1002-EU  2.5 Kg     
NOTE: CCIR BCA camera is no longer available

1. Camera (BCA-1001-CBL-XXM) video/power cable ordered separate, standard length 10 meters.
2. Nitrogen filled cameras include fill tool (PN BCA-1001-NFVT).
3. Control Box includes charger, AC and DC power cables.
4. HD cameras available, contact factory for availability.