The BCA-1002 Control Box is used to receive the imagery from the BCA-1001 Camera. The BCA-1002 is packaged within a durable and sealed case and when closed prevents internal damage no matter the environment. The Control Box includes a 5” auto-switching LCD, a charging system (with battery), a storage compartment for the BCA-1001 Camera, and all associated and required cables. The Control Box may be charged or operated via 10-36 Vdc or 100-240 Vac power input. When fully charged, the Control Box has a run-time of no less than 2 hours powering both the LCD and BCA-1001 Camera. The BCA-1002 is best suited for use in Quality Control and product testing or qualification whereas the BCA-1010-VG Viewing Gun is better suited for field use.

Technical Specifications

Weight: 3040 Grams
Height: 123.7mm/4.8"
Width: 269.7mm/10.6"
Depth: 245.9mm/9.7"

Input Voltage: 10 - 36 Vdc or 100-240 Vdc (50/60 Hz)
Output Voltage: 12 Vdc

Format: Color/B&W & Auto-Switching

Part Numbering

Base PN: BCA-1002-“X” Control Box
Position “X” add “US” for US Standard AC Plug or “EU” for Euro Standard AC Plug
Other Suffixes: “NM” = No Monitor, “NPC” = Power Supply and Power Cord Removed, “NVC” = No Vehicle Power

Notes: Most Any Permutation (Features/Options) is Available, Contact Factory for Details.
Standard Accessories Include DC (10Vdc-36Vdc) Power Input Cable, AC Power Cable, AC/DC Power Supply (100-240Vdc)