The patented Graflex Video Boresight Camera System (BCA) is designed to convert any traditional Graflex Boresight Telescope to a video assisted system. Among the advantages of our video boresight system includes the fact our standard optical telescope remains fully intact. Secondly, the inherent accuracy of the optical telescope remains unchanged. Parallax is eliminated regardless of the target distance. The standard optical telescope/boresight system remains fully operational given a camera failure.

The Graflex Video Boresight system is very simple to use. The user identifies the mechanical centerline axis of the gun tube according to the standard boresight user’s manual. The camera is then applied to telescope eyepiece where the image is then transferred to a display. The user will then collimate the gun tube with the gunner’s sight. In general, the Graflex Boresight Camera (PN BCA-1001) is used to capture the image (in the form of a video stream) as seen through any Graflex boresight telescope. The camera simply slips over the telescope eyepiece providing a crisp, clean image without any degradation of accuracy nor any degree of parallax. The imagery may then be fed to our BCA-1002 Control Box (with LCD) or any other display including that integral to the Fire Control System (FCS).

Components include the BCA-1001 Camera, the BCA-1002 Control Box (with LCD), cables, and ancillary tools. The BCA-1002 Control Box is fully self-contained including an auto-switching LCD and rechargeable battery pack. The BCA-1001 Camera may be used independent of the Control Box via a direct interface with the FCS LCD (at the auxiliary video input) additionally drawing (camera) power from the vehicle.

Video Boresight System Infographic

Product Features

  • Fits All Graflex Boresight Telescopes - 8X, 10X, or 12X
  • Elimination Of Parallax
  • Designed To Operate in the Harshest of Environments
  • Night & Day Operation Features
  • Standard Formats Include High Resolution NTSC, PAL, EIA, CCIR (Other HD formats available)

Detailed specifications for each BCA component may be found here

Part #Description
BCA-1001 (See Note 1,2,3 & 6) Camera Assembly, Camera (BCA-1001-CBL-X Cable ordered seperate)
BCA-1001-1 Camera Assembly - NTSC: Color, US Std
BCA-1001-2 Camera Assembly - EIA: B&W, US Std
BCA-1001-3 Camera Assembly - PAL: Color, Intl. Std
BCA-1001-4 Camera Assembly - CCIR: B&W, Intl. Std
BCA-1002 Control Box Complete: Monitor, ACDC Converter, Battery Charger, VAC PowerCord & DC Power Cord
BCA-1002-US Control Box: Monitor, ACDC Converter, Battery Charger with 120VAC Power Cord & DCPower Cord
BCA-1002-EU Control Box: Monitor, ACDC Converter, Battery Charger with 240VAC Power Cord & DCPower Cord.
BCA-1002-NM Control Box: Complete Less Monitor 
BCA-1002-NPC Control Box: Complete Less AC Power Converter and Power Cords
BCA-1002-NVC Control Box Complete: Less DC (vehicle) Power Cord
BCA-1003 Switch Box: Used when BCA-1001 is used independently of the BCA-1002 and customer will supply LCD but not power.
BCA-1003-1 (See Note 4) Switch Box: Includes rechargeable batteries and supply 100-120V AC (recharging) power.
BCA-1003-2 (See Note 4) Switch Box: Includes rechargeable batteries and supply 240V AC (recharging) power.
BCA-1003-3 Switch Box: Replaceable batteries (Non-Rechargeable).
BCA-1001-CBL (See Note 1 & 2) Component, Camera Assembly, Video/Camera Cable
BCA-1001-SC Component, Camera and Cable Storage Case
BCA-1001-NFVT Tool, Used to fill nitrogen in BCA-1001-N-1,2,3, or 4
BCA-US (See Note 4) Component, Control Box, Replacement 120VAC Power Cord
BCA-EU (See Note 4) Component, Control Box, Replacement 240VAC Power Cord
BCA-VPC (See note 5) Component, Control Box, Replacement DC (Vehicle Power) Cord
BCA-ACDC Component, Control Box, Replacement ACDC Power Converter 
BCA-CVGA Component, Control Box, Replacement Color Monitor
Note 1:  Standard video/power camera cable for BCA-1001 is 33 FT, if longer cable is required or ifmetric length is desired the PN shall be derived as follows: BCA-1001-CBL-50 for 50 foot cable, for 10 meter length PN = BCA-1001-CBL-10M. Video/Camera Cable must be ordered separate from BCA-1001-X Camera.
Note 2: The current revision (Rev 3 dated 3/1/2013) of the BCA Camera Assembly replacement cableincludes AMP circular connectors at the camera body and mating connectors on both ends ofcable.
Note 3: Control boxes include the DC power cable meant to draw power from the vehicle directly tothe control box (superceding the AC power cable and ACDC converter).
Note 4: Always indicate EU or US if AC power is to be utilized, for example, BCA-1002-NVC-US andprong style. 
Note 5:  Standard cable is XXX FT, if custom length is desire please add -"Number of Feet or Meters".For example, BCA-VPC-10 or 10M = 10 Feet or "M", 10 Meters.
Note 6:  Add "N" after BCA-1001-"N" for nitrogen filled. Nitrogen filled camera includes BCA-1001-NFVT.

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