Custom Adapter and Stem Configurations

Boresight Custom Adapter and Stem

Given our extensive knowledge of boresighting and fire control systems in general we regularly design custom adapters, stems, and interfaces to satisfy most any application. Whether it be the alignment of a missile system or a 155mm gun tube with muzzle brake two meters in length we design and then manufacture the interface providing for maximum accuracy, simplicity, and durability at the lowest cost possible.  We provide insight above all others simply due to our involvement in and exposure to most every type program or system imaginable.

Video Boresight Accessory (BCA)

Video Boresight Accessory

Our patented video boresight system provides accuracy equal to that of our standard mechanical optical equipment. We do not offer a video only boresight but rather a camera which is placed on our telescope eyepiece providing maximum accuracy but also eliminating the possibility of being placed in a precarious position should the video system fail, the user can always rely on the standard equipment. The camera may applied to any one of our telescopes including 8X, 10X, and 12X magnifications. We also offer a control box including a rechargeable battery pack, LCD, and storage capability. The camera may also be plugged directly into the FCS LCD and viewed as an alternate or split screen video stream. Finally, the camera may also be powered by and the video viewed through our RVD-II Remote Viewing Device.

Close Focus Mechanism

Boresight Close Focus MechanismThe use of a close focus mechanism should be strictly limited to applications where a reference target at long distance cannot be used during the collimation process. A good example would be a maritime application where the gun muzzle is seaboard and must be swung to a target on board the vessel. While collimating, the reference target must be at a long a distance as possible (preferably greater than 800 meters) to insure maximum accuracy, this being said, the use of a close focus mechanism should be avoided whenever possible. The fixed close focus mechanism will provide a perfect image down to 4.5 meters.  The Graflex CFM-1012 has been designed to minimize parallax associated with close focus viewing.