General Features & Characteristics

  • Built, designed, tested, and proven to meet performance and environmental standards per full MIL specifications (In production and used by US and foreign armies); numerous NSN’s.
  • Field Adjustable Reticle – azimuth and elevation.
  • All adapters inherently and positively (no wobble) locate centerline of worn gun tubes.
  • Nitrogen purged and sealed.
  • Nighttime boresighting via (flashlight) illuminated reticle
  • No loose tools.
  • Superior resolution-optical performance with suitable aperture for overcast conditions.
  • Rugged high-density polyethylene carrying cases with MIL qualified hardware (impervious to DS2, super tropical bleach, and many other chemicals).
  • EPP foam case inserts (Not available in all cases)
    Anti-Parallax below 200 meters via simple, standard black aperture stop lens cap.
  • Common telescopes for large & small caliber units.
  • Large Caliber: Single piece telescope/adapter, 10X & 12X telescopes, torque indication plate, non-rotating collet. Available from 70mm through 155mm.
  • Small Caliber: Integral 5.56mm or 7.62mm stem with telescope, instant and positive interchangeability of 12.7mm – 40mm adapters to tapered stem. Available in any size from 5.56mm through 40mm+.
  • Optional close focus (down to 2 meters) mechanisms
  • Optional graduated torque plates – large caliber adapters.

Telescope Features & Characteristics

 Magnification FOV (Degrees) Diopter Aperture Accuracy Accuracy (1000 Meters) Weight 
8X  5.63  ± 4.0  6.63  ± .0325 Mils  ± 3.25 cm  257 Grams 
10X  4.5  ± 4.0  5.3  ± .0250 Mils  ± 2.50 cm  310 Grams 
12X  3.75  ± 4.0  6.36  ± .02 Mils  ± 2.0 cm  339 Grams 
Graflex offers three telescopes categorized by magnification including 8X, 10X, and 12X. Each telescope is designed to satisfy a specific purpose or application. The 8X is our lowest weight telescope best suited for guns below 14.5mm; the relatively lightweight of the 8X reduces/eliminates the possibility of system droop in smaller gun tube sizes. The 10X was specifically designed for use on large cal adapters primarily to match the magnification of the related platform. The 12X provides the highest accuracy but due to its larger size is the best suite for gun tubes above 20mm. In any case, each of the three Graflex telescopes surpasses all competitive units in terms of accuracy, resolution, and light passage.