Graflex understands the importance of Boresight Retention in a zoom lens. The ability to remain on target, no matter the focal length position, is one of the most important characteristics in any zoom lens. Although our zoom lenses are inherently designed to provide excellent boresight capability this characteristic can always be improved. The Graflex Boresight Compensation Device or BCD may be applied to most any zoom lens and acts to position the C-mount in any direction perpendicular to the optical axis. This 2nd generation BCD provides four points of adjustment, set 90 degree apart, and allows quick, simple, and intuitive alignment adjustments. In effect, the BCD corrects for mechanical misalignment in the zoom lens as well as the CCD chip positioning within a camera. Misalignment may be corrected or improved by as much as 30% while not degrading the lens’ inherent ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions. 

Part NumberCommentsApplication
BCD.T1.3P No Extender or after Extender, C-Mount Input - CS Output 9X, 28X, 30X, 32X, 34X 
BCD.T2.4P No Extender Required, C-Mount Input - CS Output 9X, 28X, 30X, 32X, 34X 
BCD.T3.4P Requires Extender before BCD, C-Mount Input - CS Output 9X, 20XB, 28X, 30X, 32X, 34X
BCD.T4.4P CS Lens, CS Output 20XA


NOTE: Inherently, a BCD converts a C-Mount to a CS-Mount. Secondly, in general a BCD cannot be applied to a CS-Mount lens however in rare cases a custom BCD may be designed for application on a CS-Mount zoom lens.