Most every zoom lens we build is done so to a specific customer standard. Variations include electronic, control methods, electrical interface, ruggedization, optical, and bracketry/mechanical interface. With a long portfolio of upgrades customizations are normally applied with no NRE expense.

BCD Align Device: The Graflex BCD (Boresight Compensation Device) is a mechanical device which greatly improves the inherent boresight retention of most any zoom lens.
DIS-III Controller: The Graflex DIS-III controller includes a PCB and GUI and may be applied to most any zoom lens no matter the manufacturer. The system not only allows for serial interface via RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485, but also Ethernet. The DIS-III is also VISCA and PELCO compatible.
CFE Lens Enclosures: The Graflex family of CFE Carbon Fiber Enclosures are not really an option but a product within itself. At a fraction of the density of aluminum, carbon fiber is a clear choice where extreme strength and low weight are desired characteristics. Although we manufacture standard sizes, the size/shape possibilities are endless.
ZHS-II Heat System: The ZHS-II applies concentrated heat direct to the zoom lens, or any other device, via small heater pads. The ZHS-II system includes heater elements, thermostat, and is fully programable via a separate controller.
Mechanical Interface Beyond a wide range of standards, Graflex will build custom interface brackets to meet any requirement. From the simple addition of alignment pins to multi-axis tilt and lock brackets we can, and have, done it all.
Gear Motors: Outside of the standard 12Vdc in most lenses we also offer 6Vdc and 9Vdc motors, non-standard gearbox ratios, and wide (low to high) temperature grease.
Electrical/Electronic: In most lenses we offer closed and open loop systems, customer specified connectors, and in in very limited cases, optical encoders.
Ruggedization: We possess the knowledge and experience modifying zoom lenses for the most severe environments. Our projects include modifications to survive shock up to 75 g’s, temperatures as low as- 45° celcius, and severe functional vibration (and the removal of resultant video distortion).
Optical Testing: Graflex is also able to provide complete lens analysis including MTF, LTF, EFL, flange FL, boresight deviation, astigmatism, and depth of focus.
Analog Controller: The Graflex ZLC-50 is offered as a simple zoom lens controller for use in general testing and quality control laboratories.