Development Update – Catadioptric Lenses and Motorized Continuous Zooming Extender

Graflex has been working to complete the design and development of our new and very unique Catadioptric Fixed FL Lenses and ZME-1001 Motorized Zooming Extender. Under the current time line we will release these products within the 1st quarter of 2015. The Catadioptric Lenses will be available in 750mm f 4.3 and 1500mm 8.6 with MTF performance of approximately 70% at 50 lp/mm and 40% at 100 lp/mm. The ZME Extender has been optimized to the Catadioptric lenses providing a ratio of 1.1X thru 3.5X with superb transmission and light passage.